-Up to date on vaccines

Behavior and Personality

-Leash, crate, and e-collar trained

-Highly active and adventurous

-Enjoys company but can be alone

New Home Needs

-Separate sleeping area

-Lots of outdoor activity

-Ideally only dog in household (dog dependent)

-No children




Fenske (Fen) is a 4 to 5 year old German Shorthair Pointer mix that we are looking to re-home. We adopted him at 2 so we don't have many records of his past before adoption. Fen has been very well taken care of these 3 years we've had him and we have all records. He's had a few surgeries overtime and has fully recovered.

Behavior and Personality

Fen is leash trained, crate trained, and e collar trained. We completed an 8-week training program for leash training where he also learned sit, stay, down, come, and heel. We crated him when we left the house and at nights for a while, but do not anymore. He did well with it. We use an e-collar when off leash and he responds very well to it. He loves putting it on because he knows it means something fun is about to happen. He has never been hunted but has hunted groundhog and rabbit on his own, getting a few. He loves riding in the car/truck, trail running, hiking, and creeking. He will go anywhere. If you want to hike 15 miles, he would go for 15 miles.

Fen is very playful and likes to involve us when playing with his toys. Outside he is usually more interested in smelling everything than playing, but sometimes does like to chase a ball. He is calm with feedings and taking treats. We've taught him to sit and wait for his food and to take treats from our hand gently. He can be left alone, but does enjoy being with people most. He doesn't do well with all dogs, particularly larger male dogs who are also dominant. When off leash, we've seen him do well with most dogs, but has more problems with discomfort with other dogs while leashed.

We are concerned that the small size of our tiny house at 350 square feet is no longer fitting for him. We believe the small space is why there are rare but unpredictable cases of Fen being startled awake and having a few seconds of aggression. When we first got him, there were 2 instances in his first year where he was startled awake and became aggressive, resulting in a bite, while in a small rowhome. The past 2 years, there were no instances at all, until one just recently. A good solution would be more space for his sleeping area.

New Home Needs

We believe his ideal new home needs more space where his regular sleeping area can be more separated from walking areas and living spaces. Fen loves and needs to be outside regularly. He doesn’t always have to be off leash, but outside activity is important. He needs a new house with no children, and ideally no other dogs. Dog dependent. He has lived with 2 cats and currently lives with one without issues. Cat dependent. He has been gentle with all people otherwise. Even with this issue, we still feel comfortable keeping him until he finds a new home.

He is a wonderful dog that we do not want to say goodbye to, but we are hoping to find him a home that suits his needs better. He has a lot of good life left in him. Please message us for more information if interested. We are happy to talk or do meet and greets.

We are located near Asheville, NC, but are willing to drive to meet.



Do you have any questions about Fenske or are you interested in giving him a new home? Please reach out!

Mills River, NC, USA


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